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Transforming Big Data into Smart Data:  Driving Better Clinical Outcomes

For years, we’ve been hearing about this explosion of data…and devices. Transforming that data into actionable information is critical for patients and healthcare providers.  As we accelerate into this transformation of  designing... View webcast

Case Study: Ophthalmology Practice Increases Collections and Decreases A/R by 40%

In only four months, Eye Physicians Professional Association started seeing an increase in collections, a decrease in A/R, and ChartLogic was even able to go back through 2015 and resubmit old Kareo charges that were never submitted. With additional... Download white paper

Ten Steps to Maximize Secure Text Messaging Adoption

Texting among clinicians is a convenient way of sharing information and coordinating care for patients. As a communication method it allows members of a care team to send detailed information such as pain medication requests, test results, and... Download white paper

5 Tips to Improve Your HCAHPS Scores

Hospitals have been collecting patient satisfaction data for decades. Whether the information was used internally to measure performance, or published publicly for brand promotion within the community, these scores have always held value in healthcare.... Download white paper

Best Practices for Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Patients receive care at numerous locations from myriad providers, yet their digital health information is unable to move easily alongside them as a result of limitations in connectivity and the ability to share information securely between providers.... Download white paper

Peak Performance Initiative: Patient Engagement

The patient portal is the gateway to patient engagement-and should be a critical focus of your patient engagement strategy. It's the key to connecting providers to patients outside the office so they can better manage their own health. Digitally... Download white paper

2016 State of the Connected Patient

According to the ‘State of the Connected Patient’ report, modern technology plays a crucial role in addressing the challenge of delivering preventative care. 40% of patients surveyed in the report said they currently receive... Download white paper

The Changing Dynamics of Customer Engagement

Today’s healthcare customers, from patients to members, want faster, more responsive service across every channel and on any device — and they want it now. Providing omni-channel service at a cost that makes sense for the business... Download white paper

Integrating with Salesforce Health Cloud

EHR integration is often step one for any healthcare system. Review different options for integrating your EHR with the Salesforce Health Cloud. Download white paper

Salesforce Shield for Healthcare

Learn how Salesforce helps companies secure protected health data while meeting compliance and governance requirements. Download white paper

BI Software Implementation Pitfalls

This Guide breaks down how to select the right Business Intelligence program for your organization. Dive deeper into what to examine before making a decision including: Cost Implimentation process Program Limitations Program Capabilities  ... Download white paper

Business Analytics and the Data Complexity Matrix

Data environments are growing exponentially. IDC reports that compound annual growth in data through 2020 will be almost 50% per year. Not only is there more data, but there are more data sources. According to Ventana Research, 70% of organizations... Download white paper

How Feros Healthcare Used BI to Quickly & Easily Monitor Their Performance

Feros Care is not-for-profit healthcare organization that struggled to analyze their many large, disparate datasets, yet needed business insights in order to optimize performance.  After Feros Care implemented Sisense BI solution, they were... Download white paper

The Patient Success Platform

The existing technology infrastructure in healthcare falls short of supporting patient expectations. Systems such as electronic medical records (EMRs) cannot deliver these modern capabilities. Consequently, forward-thinking healthcare leaders... Download white paper

Introducing Salesforce Health Cloud: 3 Core Advantages

Patient-centered Healthcare is the new reality. The Affordable Care Act and outcome-based reimbursement policies create mandates and incentives for providers, payers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies to focus more on patient care and... Download white paper

But I Was Compliant: Investing in Top-Down Security to Build a Compliant Business

Businesses face mounting pressures to protect their data. Attacks are increasingly sophisticated and organized, and the stakes are higher. No longer is the typical hack focused on defacing a website; now, attackers are stealing and selling valuable... Download white paper

A Proactive Approach to HIPAA Compliance

For healthcare IT departments, their responsibilities aren’t just numerous. They’re in a constant state of change. With malicious and opportunistic cyberattacks as constant threats, IT teams are expected to protect patient records... Download white paper

Eight Tips for Securing Your ePHI

Communications have changed drastically since the HIPAA Privacy Rule (1996) and HIPAA Security Rule (2003) first went into effect. While many of those communication changes have brought more efficient and effective patient care, they also create... Download white paper

10-minute Guide to Healthcare Ransomware Protection

When dealing with mission-critical — or in the case of healthcare providers, “life-critical” — systems, data loss and time loss from cyberattacks and ransomware are unacceptable. While most companies have implemented some... Download white paper

4 Steps to More Effective Remittance Management

Remittance and payment management is costly, inconsistent, variable and fragmented. But the right solution can transform chaos into a seamless process that saves time and money. Download this ebook and learn about the four steps to more effective... Download white paper