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Denial Management: 10 Tested Techniques that Get Claims Paid

Does your medical practice have a healthy revenue cycle? If you haven't focused on insurance denials, then think again. Denials might be the most underestimated and poorly understood sources of significant cash leakage from your practice's... View webcast

Value-Based Care Summit November 2016 Archive

The Fall 2016 Value-Based Care Summit featured speakers from leading provider groups, hospitals and payers discussing strategies to prepare for the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. Sessions included visionary keynotes from... Download white paper

Case Study: Expression Networks Helping DoD Command Decisions

The director at Expression Networks was tasked with taking care of the requests and requirements of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) portion of the Department of Defense (DoD). DISA needed a reporting and business intelligence solution... Download white paper

Tackling Complex Data Challenges in Healthcare Analytics

In recent years, healthcare organizations have grown increasingly aware of the potential beneficiary uses of the data which they generate and gather. From general hospitals to community clinics, data and analytics can be a powerful tool to improve... Download white paper

How Feros Healthcare Used BI to Quickly & Easily Monitor Their Performance

Feros Care is not-for-profit healthcare organization that struggled to analyze their many large, disparate datasets, yet needed business insights in order to optimize performance.  After Feros Care implemented Sisense BI solution, they were... Download white paper

Ultimate Guide to Comparing Embedding Analytics Solutions

Businesses across all applications and in every industry are faced with mountains of data. Finding a meaningful way to manage this data has become a necessity, especially when it’s data that can help your customers or partners succeed.... Download white paper

Business Analytics and the Data Complexity Matrix

What exactly makes data complex? In the context of business analytics, there are two key drivers of data complexity: The size of the data The number of disparate data sources These elements drive complexity because the bigger the data, the more... Download white paper

BI Software Implementation Pitfalls

Download this outline for an overview on how to avoid issues in your BI software implementation process. Readers will learn tips for a successful POC (point of concept), and important considerations to examine in a BI solution, including:... Download white paper

Powering Peer Coaching with Digital Health Technology to Improve Addiction Recovery Outcomes

Technology has the power to dramatically improve today’s model of addiction care. Technological solutions enable engagement to better support individuals living with the disease and help them manage and sustain their recovery long term.... Download white paper

How VASCO Digital Identity Management Enables and Simplifies EPCS Compliance

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) is a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) regulation that allows healthcare practitioners to write electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. In addition to reducing occurrences... Download white paper

Compliant Digital Identity Protection for Healthcare

The proliferation of digital patient information and a surge in government regulations are forcing a shift in the healthcare industry. As the entire healthcare community adopts digital processes and web-based systems for patient data, the need... Download white paper

How to Secure Data Access Within the Healthcare Industry

The integration of technology within the healthcare sector continues to create seismic changes in how individuals receive medical care. Yet in their rush to adopt technology designed to improve the consumer’s experience, organizations within... Download white paper

Don’t be Derailed by Denials: 7 Strategies to Slash Your Denial Rate

Denial management in healthcare continues to be a challenge—in part because the traditional way of working denials is time-consuming, costly, and prone to error. Denials eat up as much as 3-5% of provider revenue, and according to some... Download white paper

Infographic: Undeniable Challenges: The Reality of Healthcare Claims Denials

The average rate of claims denials in the healthcare industry is 5-10%. 90% of denials are preventable, and two out of three denials are recoverable. Download this infographic for an overview of the claims denials process. Readers will learn... Download white paper

Leveraging Mobile Apps to Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding

As the nation’s Emergency Departments are bursting at the seams, hospital leaders are asking: How can mobile apps help reduce ER overcrowding and boost patient satisfaction? This whitepaper presents the latest research on the most efficient... Download white paper

Cloud Informatics

Sponsored by: Ambra Health When it comes to healthcare, patients, providers, and facilities alike have been slow to adopt the Internet and cloud technology as methods of sharing and receiving information. Today, over 83% of health care organizations... Download white paper

The Holistic Patient Health Record: Image Enabling the EHR

Sponsored by: Ambra Health Electronic health records (EHRs) can provide the full medical history of an individual from lab reports, to blood tests, to past surgeries, and much more. Not only are EHRs a convenient source of information, but also... Download white paper

The New World of Image Management

Sponsored by: Ambra Health Organizations seeking to eliminate old ways of siloed data must embrace a new model that focuses on outcomes and collaboration. The new reform rules promote the limiting of medical procedures and tests unless very necessary,... Download white paper

Does Your Organization have Silo Syndrome? A Cloud-Based Treatment Guide

Sponsored by: Ambra Health Silo syndrome is a technology deficiency that inhibits organizations from effectively distributing imaging and related data across a network. Download this whitepaper and learn how the cloud acts as an all-encompassing... Download white paper

Case Study: Vigilias Expands Telehealth to Rural Communities

Sponsored by: Ambra Health Vigilias was founded in 2014 to provide modern communication technology to both rural hospitals and providers to offer their patients local access to care that once required a long trip to a major city. Challenges arose... Download white paper