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Enterprise Case Study: Democratizing Insights in the NHS

This case study examines RAIDR's development, differentiation, impact, and road map in the context of healthcare improvement and analytics best practice including these lessons: Focus on standardization in analytics Take a "whole"... Download white paper

From Confusion to Clarity – Global Healthcare Data Trends and Challenges

A new global study by Qlik and HIMSS Analytics finds most healthcare providers continue to struggle with end-user adoption. Early adopters report that the right business intelligence tools - in the right hands - can improve individual patient... Download white paper

Right-sizing Analytics in Healthcare: Success Factors and Lessons

This report examines the 5 key factors critical to success in healthcare analytics and present 5 good-practice lessons relevant to successful enterprise-wide analytics deployments.  Download white paper

How to Thrive in the New World of Patient Payments

This white paper will discuss the evolution of patient payments to support increasing patient financial responsibility and changing payment models, and how hospitals and health systems can prioritize and optimize patient payment processing and... Download white paper

Why Most Healthcare Breaches Involve Phishing Attacks and How to Prevent Them

The healthcare sector experienced the highest percentage of breaches in 2014, according to Identity Theft Resource - 42.3 percent of all reported data breaches came from the healthcare industry. And the target still remains on healthcare’s... View webcast

Should You Develop Your Mobile Apps In-House?

Whether you want to build an app to engage customers, streamline operations or meet a different business goal, you have to make a decision: will you attempt development in-house, or will you outsource it? Like any big decision, there are important... Download white paper

Meeting Consumer Needs Through Mobile Application Development

The world has entered what Forrester calls “the age of the customer,” in which consumers hold all the decision-making power and can access nearly unlimited information and resources at will. Consumers are better informed and better... Download white paper

Infographic: Hospital Mobile Apps: Increase Revenue And Patient Satisfaction

How many times a day do you think patients and visitors stop hopital employees to ask for directions, hopelessly confused in the maze of hallways? Poor hospital navigation has a host of (very expensive) effects, but it can be remedied. Download white paper

A Surprising Rx For The Ailing Patient Experience

A mobile app can offer valuable features that reduce or even eliminate some of patients' biggest frustrations. Your app can help you create a more postitive, consitent pateint experience-without the need to hire additional office staff. ... Download white paper

Security Risks Faced By Healthcare Providers Empowering Mobile Moments To Clinical Teams

Security pros in the healthcare industry must balance the need for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as other security and privacy regulations, with medical professionals’ need to have... Download white paper

Building a Cost-Effective Hospital Wayfinding App

A mobile wayfinding app is a great tool to engage your patients, reduce their stress level, and improve patient experience. But building a wayfinding app can run your development costs up into hundreds of thousands.  How to avoid... Download white paper

Apps and Wearables in Healthcare – What Works?

To succeed in patient engagement, healthcare providers must embrace mobile.  But how does a hospital prioritize the mobile technology trends?  Do wearables provide a competitive edge? Do smartphone apps improve engagement... Download white paper

An Analysis of the U.S. Prescription Drug Market by Drug, Manufacturer and Provider

The U.S. prescription drug market is estimated to be worth $328 billion in 2015, and represents nearly 10% of all national health expenditures, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS’s release of the Part... Download white paper

How Your Website Can Drive Patient Activation

The Importance of effective online engagement is agnostic to industry, as contemporary marketers currently operate in the Digital Age, a time where consumers (or patients) have the power to be informed.  So what, exactly, is Patient Activation?... Download white paper

2015 Buyer’s Guide: CMS Software Matrix

Selecting a CMS is all about your business context. Look to case studies or experience a potential vendor has working in your specific industry. In the end, your selection committee must consider each element - implementation process (and customer... Download white paper

Using mHealth Solutions to Improve EHR Clinical Documentation

Quality clinical documentation is the core of effective and safe patient care. Electronic clinical documentation has the added benefit of improving accuracy and useful of patient health data at the point of care and beyond. At the same time,... View webcast

Conquering Network Security Challenges in Distributed Enterprises

For every breached company, there are many that successfully avoid attacks or detect them quickly enough to minimize the impact to business. This whitepaper provides guidance to help businesses evaluate the current state of their network security,... Download white paper

GlobalProtect Deployment Guide

It can be difficult to consistently and effectively secure the devices used and the data accessed by employees. In addition, the devices may be personal, in some cases, raising additional questions about what are the appropriate policies. Many... Download white paper

Moving from Traditional Analysis to Agile Data Management

Managers need to be responsive to the current business environment, this means pulling together unstructured and structured data, constantly adapting the business logic behind the analysis, and being able to drive insight quickly and with precision.... Download white paper

How to Overcome 3 Key Big Data Challenges

Understanding and being able to analyze large data sets can lead an organization to informed business decisions, actionable results, agile response and overall better business performance. And yet, according to research many big data projects... Download white paper