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Cybersecurity Attack Affects MO Behavioral Health Facility


Missouri-based Burrell Behavioral Health recently announced that it was the victim of a cybersecurity attack after an employee’s email account was accessed by an unauthorized party. Burrell made the discovery on July 7, 2016 and immediately...

Utilizing Business Associate Agreements in Breach Prevention


While no healthcare organization can guarantee that they will never fall victim to a data breach or cybersecurity attack, having the right tools in place can help to lessen the likelihood or even assist in recovering from a breach. Having necessary...

How are Healthcare Data Breach Victims Affected by Attacks?


The large fiscal cost to individual victims stemming from medical identity theft is just one of the key ways that healthcare data breaches affect patients, according to a recent report from the Institute for Critical Infrastructure and Technology...

Information Sharing Key in Improving Healthcare Cybersecurity


Improving the outreach and information sharing on healthcare cybersecurity issues, along with having more educated and qualified cybersecurity personnel and health IT experts will be essential in strengthening the healthcare cybersecurity infrastructure,...

Necessary Skills for Healthcare IT Security Professionals


So you work in the healthcare IT security world. Have you seen some changes? Are you noticing more users requesting complex applications? Maybe you’re starting to deploy more compliance-ready cloud systems. Or, you could be utilizing new...

St. Jude Files Lawsuit Over Medical Device Security Claims


Claims over potential medical device security issues with St. Jude Medical, Inc. pacemakers and other heart devices has now led to a lawsuit. St. Jude filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota against Muddy...

New Federal CISO Set to Bolster National Cybersecurity Measures


Brigadier General (retired) Gregory J. Touhill was announced as the first Federal CISO earlier this week, and is expected to continue the push toward stronger national cybersecurity measures. Touhill is currently the Deputy Assistant Secretary...

Vendor Error Leads to Another Possible Healthcare Data Breach


CHI Franciscan Health Highline Medical Center (Highline) is notifying certain patients that some of their information may have been exposed due to a vendor error. R-C Healthcare Management (R-C Healthcare) previously worked with Highline before...

Medical Device Cybersecurity Key Focus in NIST Partnership


A new risk assessment project designed for monitoring wireless IV medical infusion pumps hopes to further strengthen medical device cybersecurity across the healthcare industry. The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST)...

Committee Investigation Claims OPM Data Breach was Preventable


A failure to prioritize cybersecurity and adequately secure high value data helped lead to the OPM data breach, according to a House Oversight and Government Reform report. Furthermore, the OPM Inspector General (IG) had warned the agency as...

Healthcare Cybersecurity Knowledge Gaps in Phishing Awareness


There is a need for both simulated phishing attacks and question-based evaluations to ensure that healthcare cybersecurity measures are able to protect sensitive data, according to a recent survey. The Wombat Beyond the Phish Report found that...

CHIME Member Leads Healthcare Cybersecurity Task Force


Creating a set of recommendations that anyone in the healthcare industry can utilize is one of several goals for the federal healthcare cybersecurity task force, according to co-chair and CHIME board member Theresa Meadows, R.N., CHCIO. Meadows...

A Hacker’s Perspective on Strengthening Healthcare IT Security


In today’s connected world most of us are frantically trying to protect our, or our organization’s, critical data and systems. Despite a couple of decades of constant advancements in IT security, there seems to be even more risks...

Cybersecurity Attacks Leading Large Health Data Breach Cause


While the summer of 2016 is quickly coming to an end, covered entities and their business associates cannot ease up on their data security measures. If the past three months have been any indication, large health data breaches are not about to...

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance across Digital, Paper Records


Maintaining HIPAA compliance and numerous data privacy and security mandates is of paramount importance for healthcare organizations. Since HIPAA is not a one-size-fits-all regulatory regime, best practices for data privacy and security programs...

How FTC Data Security Aligns with NIST Cybersecurity Framework


The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF or The Framework) aligns with how FTC data security measures are outlined, according to a recent FTC blog post. Specifically, “the alleged lapses the FTC has challenged through its law enforcement actions...

NY Psychiatric Institute Cybersecurity Breach Affects 21K


The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) recently announced that one of its facilities experienced a cybersecurity breach, which potentially exposed the records of research participants. Between April 28 and May 4 of this year, certain...

Can SSL Decryption Prevent Healthcare Data Breaches?


Utilizing data encryption methods is often touted as a way to prevent healthcare data breaches, as it could help prevent sensitive information from being easily accessible. Preventing and even preventing network attacks should be a top priority...

Mobile Health App Privacy Policies Not Easily Accessible


With more individuals entering their personal health information into various apps and trackers, mobile health app privacy and security is increasingly important. Without understanding a specific app’s privacy policies, an individual may...

Monitoring Risk and Staying HIPAA Compliant


Effectively monitoring and managing potential risk is a key area for any covered entity or business associate. No organization wants to lapse in staying HIPAA compliant, as the ramifications could be detrimental to patients and the business itself....


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