EHR Security

EHR Security

A better way to share healthcare information, while also maintaining healthcare privacy, is one of the key aspects in the Department of Health and Human more »

Meeting the different stages of Meaningful Use is a challenge that various healthcare industries are working to overcome. Whether a facility is working to achieve more »

As more organizations, including those in the healthcare sector, implement connected devices into daily workflow, it is essential that they have the necessary privacy and more »

No one wants to be on the receiving end of a data breach. Regardless of the environment or organization, a security breach can spill over more »

Regardless of a facility’s size, it must ensure that its healthcare security measures are on par with the types of technology it uses on a more »

Dominated by what seemed like an almost endless parade of data breaches, 2014 was a rough year for healthcare data security. Despite attacks against retail, more »

The American Medical Association (AMA) is at the forefront of a group of healthcare organizations pushing for better EHR certification security measures, along with other more »

Whether a healthcare organization is working toward Stage 1 or Stage 2 Meaningful Use, it is essential for the facility to remain aware of the more »

Better health information technology (HIT) usability and a continued emphasis on the industry’s movement toward interoperability are important aspects of the Federal Health IT Strategic more »

Secure messaging services are not only a requirement of Stage 2 Meaningful Use, but are also increasingly sought after by younger patients, according to a more »

Sharing clinical trial data is an important aspect for healthcare, but the key is to ensure that facilities are securely sharing data, according to a more »

Facilities are working hard to keep pace with federal regulations for secure healthcare technology. It is not enough to simply install an EHR, but healthcare more »

While new technology can give cyber criminals new outlets to gain access to protected health information (PHI), it also gives more opportunities to healthcare organizations more »

Today’s average medical practice looks much different than it did a few short years ago. In the waiting room, patients are filling out fewer forms more »

Meaningful Use security requirements are a critical measure that healthcare providers must meet. Performing a security review of the electronic health care system, and then more »

Health data sharing could have numerous benefits for consumers and the healthcare industry. Access to more information could help with various types of research, and more »

Regardless of an organization’s size, it’s essential to have comprehensive healthcare cybersecurity protections in place. More facilities are implementing the use of connected devices, such more »

The FTC called for better consumer data security as more companies begin to use connected devices. Better healthcare data security transparency can help ease patients’ more »

The Meaningful Use program is important for facilities when it comes to securing patient data. The Meaningful Use program is designed to help healthcare providers more »

A recent paper asks whether there is EHR confidentiality for adolescents. There are an increasing amount of potential EHR confidentiality issues for adolescents and their more »

Walgreens and Qualcomm are working together to improve medical device connectivity. Privacy and security in medical device connectivity is extremely important. More healthcare providers and more »

The launch of new HITRUST privacy controls are expected to help healthcare organizations create more integrated privacy and security frameworks. The Health Information Trust Alliance more »

Healthcare security must be able to keep pace with the evolution of how healthcare data is used. For example, healthcare data is more valuable than more »

An FDA program that aims to improve medical device security was moved from a pilot program to a full-time system. The Food and Drug Administration more »

The majority of pediatricians do not cite EHR security issues as a main barrier to implementation. Ensuring EHR security should be a top priority for more »

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