Cloud Security

A healthcare organization is constantly weighing short-term plans against long-term goals and ensuring that these different projects are properly aligned isn’t always more »

Though cloud computing technology innovation is constant and healthcare organizations are growing increasingly comfortable with cloud data storage, there are still adoption more »

The quarterly Cloud Adoption and Risk (CAR) Report from Skyhigh Networks uses usage data collected from customers around the world to help explain more »

Transitioning data from your own data center to a cloud environment is never a completely smooth process, but recent data breaches have likely more »

A group of Boston researchers will be involved in a project part of the National Science Foundation’s Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace program, more »

A healthcare organization announcing that it has begun using a cloud computing platform isn’t quite the news-maker that it used to be. more »

To varying degrees, healthcare organizations are finding more and more uses for the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. As such, the more »

The promise of cloud applications is reduced costs and increased flexibility for IT and employees alike. But federal and state privacy regulations more »

When a healthcare organization is building a relationship with a cloud vendor, collaborating on a plan that ensures the vendor meets its more »

Healthcare network security has become more complicated over the years because of the explosion of mobile device connectivity. And because it’s so more »

Trust in healthcare IT security can be a fickle concept, but is also an absolute necessity if an organization is to work more »

For years, Reza Chapman, who works in the Health Care Advisory Services practice at EY (formerly Ernst & Young), has seen healthcare organizations more »

Many healthcare organizations have realized that using cloud computing doesn’t need to be an all-in strategy that requires a complete overall of more »

The idea of having a strong security plan in place for a healthcare organization’s eventual data breach is one that has been more »

Most healthcare cloud security discussions these days usually involve a cloud provider’s willingness (or perhaps lack thereof) to sign a HIPAA business more »

Healthcare providers and their business associates (BAs) are gradually becoming more comfortable with the concept of storing data off-site and online in more »

Microsoft took some time away from taking public jabs at Google to join hands with the IT giant on the topic of more »

Though there has been plenty of discussion on RSA’s relationship with NSA leading up to this week’s 23rd annual RSA Conference 2014, more »

Google recently announced that Google cloud services will now include support for HIPAA covered entities. For some organizations that are wary of more »

Google will continue to warm up to HIPAA covered entities and business associates (BAs) in 2014, as Matthew O’Connor, Google Product Manager, more »

Recent discussions of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) threats in healthcare have mainly been in connection with a supposed DDoS attack on Healthcare.Gov that failed more »

The McAfee Labs’ 2014 Threats Predictions report spanned a number of different areas of concern in IT security. Though, by nature, a more »

2014 is a new year, but public cloud vendors are still trying to find ways to get healthcare organizations to believe in more »

A recent survey that polled nearly 250 Internet infrastructure decision makers world-wide aimed at getting a better idea of public cloud adoption, more »

Year-end lists are common in healthcare, as just about everyone (including has a “best of” or “top” list to offer come more »

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