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HealthITSecurity.com (published by Xtelligent Media) is the leading online resource for the latest news and product information on all Health IT Security topics.

Main topics we cover are:

HIPAA and Compliance
Cloud Security in the healthcare setting
Data Security
HIE security
EHR security

Over 10,000 IT professionals rely on HealthITSecurity.com to stay up to date on the ever changing IT Security landscape.

With the wealth of information out there our editors cut thru the clutter to deliver the most valuable and important news and information around Health IT Security.

Our Editors:

Pat Ouellette, Editor Google

Pat has served as a technology reporter since 2009. Pat worked at TechTarget for more than two years and reported for SearchSystemsChannel.com and SearchITChannel.com. He has also has experience writing about consumer technology for Reviewed.com, a division of USA Today. Pouellette@xtelligentmedia.com

Kyle S. Murphy,  Senior Editor

Kyle is responsible for writing the day to day content on the site. His focus is to ensure readers have access to the most important news and information in the Health IT Security space. Before writing for healthitsecurity.com Kyle served as Editorial Coordinator then Assistant Editor for Nature Education, a division of Nature Publishing Group. He was responsible for all editorial production on NE’s free online resource, Scitable, which included eBooks, videos, podcasts, and other multimedia projects. In 2009, he received his doctorate in Editorial Studies from the Editorial Institute at Boston University. Under Christopher Ricks and Archie Burnett, respected editors of T. S. Eliot and A. E. Housman respectively, he learned the skills necessary to the task of being a successful scholarly editor of print and digital media. He can be reached via email at kmurphy@xtelligentmedia.com   508-739-1998

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