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Data Breach Notification Bill Fails to Pass N.M. Senate

The New Mexico Senate did not pass a recently proposed data breach notification bill, even though the bill was unanimously passed by the House earlier more »...

Is Patient Data Security At Risk with New Platform?

Patient data security should be a top priority for healthcare providers, even as new technology is implemented that gives individuals more control over their records. more »...

Will Minn. EHR Interoperability Law Compromise Privacy?

Minnesota is currently one of two states with an EHR interoperability law, requiring providers to not only use EHRs, but also connect to a state-certified more »...

Strong Health Data Security Starts with Employee Education

As covered entities work to implement strong health data security measures, it is essential that they create a comprehensive education system for their employees. That more »...

Why Networked Medical Devices Need Strong Security Measures

As the healthcare industry becomes more connected, and networked medical devices become more common, it is essential that strong security measures are built into those more »...

Healthcare Data Breaches Can Push Patients Away, Says Survey

Healthcare data breaches can be devastating for patients and the healthcare facility that was attacked. The organization could face severe penalties from the Department of more »...

What Are the Legal Concerns in a HIPAA Risk Assessment?

No healthcare organization wants to find itself in legal trouble when it comes to conducting a HIPAA risk assessment. Facilities must ensure that they are more »...

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